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Open Beach Engagement / Ronnel + Jeah

This is the last leg of Ronnel and Jeah’s engagement shoot and one of my favorite. If I had to do it for myself I will surely chose the beach side. The turquoise water, the waves, the sky, the sunset, the seashells and the sand  are so dramatic

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Green Mubazzarah Engagement / Ronnel + Jeah

This is the second set of Ronnel and Jeah’s engagement shoot. This is also done in Al Ain. The Green Mubazzarah lies at the foot of Jebel Hafeet mountain, a perfect romantic spot.

I never had any hard time taking photos of Jeah and Ronnel, they are so natural in front of the camera.

Al Ain Paradise Engagement / Ronnel + Jeah

Jeah likes flowers and when I showed her some photographs of Al Ain Paradise she immediately fell in love with the place. This was my first location shoot and first engagement shoot as well.

Blue is the color motif of their wedding later this year and I just love how it stands out in our already very colorful backdrop.

It was a fun shoot with the couple, with the chemistry they have sure it will be a great day!

I am such a sucker for big trees!

old photos:new home

These are the photos I was talking about in my earlier post. They are part of Dubai Girl Blogger posts before I decided to turn this blog into a photo blog and give it a new life and a new name as Carla Roque Photography

I turn them into black and white and I am quite satisfied with the effect it made on the photos.

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may twenty two twenty twelve

Today marks a new beginning, launching Carla Roque Photography is a new phase of my blogging life venturing into the vast field of photography. Some say I have an eye for it, some may disagree.

I adore anything beautiful. I admire those that see beauty within disarray. I have high regard to the ones that goes beyond depths of the world to capture life from unseen places.

I am yet to receive proper training, this is a craft I am willing to hone and become good with it, great even. It is ambitious, it is brave, it is something I wanna be

There are photos I post here before, these are part of Dubai Girl Blogger blog of which I am also the author before I decided to change the name to Carla Roque Photography and  I never want to cut them. 

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